[Podcast] Ep101: The Zen-like Art of ‘Getting Things Done’

I’m commonly asked, “How in the world do you balance so many different projects at once?” In this episode I give away my secret weapon and the foundation of my entire productivity system – GTD.

» Click here to download a summary of the GTD system plus a visual flowchart

In my never ending quest to eliminate as much busy work from my life as possible and take clear action towards my goals, I’ve spent years navigating the world of productivity and learning everything I can (hence my obsession with Trello).… Read more...

[Podcast] Ep89: Q&A – Hacking a Standing Workstation, Dealing with Micromanaging Producers, Calming Your Mind at Night For Better Sleep, and Making Sense of Supplements

In this month’s Q&A podcast we answer a wide range of questions:

What are some good tools to use to hack your standing workstation to avoid bad posture and fatigue?

How can you deal with micromanaging producers & directors who never allow you to take even short bathroom breaks during an edit session?… Read more...

[Podcast] Ep87: The Art of Less Doing (And More Living)

How much time do you spend every day in your email and your various other inboxes? How about running errands, paying bills, posting messages to social media, or any one of fifty other repetitive tasks that never seem to end? It can often seem nearly impossible to manage the amount of things that have to be done on a regular basis, but the good news is there is a better way.… Read more...