[Podcast] Ep92: From Scraping Up Cigarette Butts to Editing, Directing, and Producing Emmy-Winning TV Shows

For those of you old enough to remember when Seinfeld was on the air live, it was very sad to see it end. I’ll admit it…I cried during “The Clip Show.” (Admit it, you did to). In this episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Emmy Winning Editor, Director, and Producer David Rogers, the editor behind the magic of that episode, as well as the main editor (as well as director and producer) of both The Office and currently The Mindy Project.… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep91: Will Your Job Be Replaced By Artificial Intelligence?

Just weeks ago 20th Century Fox released a trailer for the upcoming horror film “Morgan,” and frankly it’s not the best trailer. So then why is it worth talking about? The reason it has made such an impact on our industry is that the trailer was edited partially with the assistance of artificial intelligence, namely the IBM system ‘Watson.’

What does this mean for our future in this industry?… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep90: Creating a Kick-Ass Demo Reel

“How can I create a demo reel without any work, and how can I get work without a demo reel?” is a question almost as timeless as the chicken/egg argument. Until recently this was an incredibly difficult problem to solve, but with the advent of so much new technology as well as the ability to download videos from online sites, this process has become much easier.… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep89: Q&A – Hacking a Standing Workstation, Dealing with Micromanaging Producers, Calming Your Mind at Night For Better Sleep, and Making Sense of Supplements

In this month’s Q&A podcast we answer a wide range of questions:

What are some good tools to use to hack your standing workstation to avoid bad posture and fatigue?

How can you deal with micromanaging producers & directors who never allow you to take even short bathroom breaks during an edit session?… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep88: ‘The Kung Food Way’ (The Lesser Known Martial Art)

We all know what it’s like to sit on the mix stage at 4pm on a Friday and try to resist the plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence. But if you find yourself constantly exhausted by the barrage of unhealthy food options in the post-industry, you need a better strategy.… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep87: The Art of Less Doing (And More Living)

How much time do you spend every day in your email and your various other inboxes? How about running errands, paying bills, posting messages to social media, or any one of fifty other repetitive tasks that never seem to end? It can often seem nearly impossible to manage the amount of things that have to be done on a regular basis, but the good news is there is a better way.… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep86: Yoga’s Healing Power (And How to Use It to Take Your Career to the Next Level)

In today’s 24/7 always connected society, it’s so easy to get caught up in the noise and distractions of everyday life. The constant barrage of emails, Facebook notifications, and Twitter posts may keep you occupied in the moment (and more importantly make you look “busy”), but they’re also keeping you from doing the important work you should be doing to advance yourselves.… Read more...