[Podcast] Ep103 Q&A: Eating Healthy on a Budget, How To Know if You Chose the Right Editing Path, and Balancing Your Career with Your Personal Life

Let’s face it: Working an intensely competitive and exhausting creative job is hard.

Just getting by is often all that’s possible, so the mere thought of trying to eat healthy while on a budget, follow the proper career path when all you need right now is a paycheck, and (God forbid) have a personal life outside of your job is downright terrifying.… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep101: The Zen-like Art of ‘Getting Things Done’

I’m commonly asked, “How in the world do you balance so many different projects at once?” In this episode I give away my secret weapon and the foundation of my entire productivity system – GTD.

» Click here to download a summary of the GTD system plus a visual flowchart

In my never ending quest to eliminate as much busy work from my life as possible and take clear action towards my goals, I’ve spent years navigating the world of productivity and learning everything I can (hence my obsession with Trello).… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep100: The Current State of Mental Health In Post

“How are you?” is a phrase you most likely ask dozens a time per day, but let’s be honest: Most of the time it’s just a formality. When is the last time you really asked this question of others, and even more importantly, when is the last time you asked this question to yourself?… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep99: You Think Your Schedule Is Tight? Try Editing SNL.

If you think your deadlines are tight, think again. Imagine waking up Wednesday morning knowing you have a 2-3 minute piece airing on national television in 3 days…and it hasn’t even been shot yet. This is the life of SNL editor Adam Epstein who routinely turns around amazing trailers, spoof commercials, music videos, and parodies for SNL week after week under insane deadlines.… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep98 Q&A: Surviving the Graveyard Shift, Dressing Properly To Be Active At Work, and Recovering From Intense Events

A common question I get from listeners and readers is, “How can I survive the graveyard shift, and what strategies can I use to maintain my fitness and health working late at night?” We answer this question and more in the latest edition of the Q&A podcast, as well as sharing why if you are working a late night shift you should quit your job as soon as humanly possible because of how it’s destroying your health and well being.… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep97: Legendary Editor Carol Littleton on Surviving 40+ Years In Post

Academy Award nominated film editor Carol Littleton has edited such legendary films as E.T., The Big Chill, Silverado, The Accidental Tourist, Grand Canyon, Benny & Joon, and The Manchurian Candidate…just to name a very select few. She has watched the Hollywood post-production industry evolve from the days of film editing until today’s reliance on 100% digital technology.… Read more...