[Podcast] Ep89: Q&A – Hacking a Standing Workstation, Dealing with Micromanaging Producers, Calming Your Mind at Night For Better Sleep, and Making Sense of Supplements

In this month’s Q&A podcast we answer a wide range of questions:

What are some good tools to use to hack your standing workstation to avoid bad posture and fatigue?

How can you deal with micromanaging producers & directors who never allow you to take even short bathroom breaks during an edit session?… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep88: ‘The Kung Food Way’ (The Lesser Known Martial Art)

We all know what it’s like to sit on the mix stage at 4pm on a Friday and try to resist the plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence. But if you find yourself constantly exhausted by the barrage of unhealthy food options in the post-industry, you need a better strategy.… Read more...


Why Supplements Are Worth the Investment (And The Ones You Can Trust)

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Prefer to listen instead of read?

Imagine a young, inexperienced editor approaches you with the following question:

“What is the best plug-in package I can buy to become a great editor?”

As someone with perhaps a little more experience in the industry than he/she, your response might be, “What system are you editing with right now?Read more...


[Podcast] Ep80: Small Steps, Giant Changes

Blake Calhoun isn’t a celebrity director, he’s not a health & wellness expert, and he’s not going to drop any giant knowledge-bombs on you in this episode. He’s just a hard-working filmmaker and editor doing his best to raise two kids and create cool stuff in the process.… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep76: Why Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work

“Eat less and exercise more” is the diet advice we’ve all been following for the last 50 years, but I have bad news for you…science has proven that calorie counting doesn’t work 95.4% of the time. Our bodies have evolved for thousands of years to naturally balance energy input (eating) and expenditure (activity).… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep68: Overcoming Sugar Addiction

As editors, it’s not uncommon to have a perpetual bowl of M&M’s and a Coke next to your keyboard 12 hours a day (we’ve all been there). The question is, are the 3 Cokes a day simply a “treat,” or are you actually addicted?… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep66: How to Systematize Meal Planning

Post-production schedules are brutal and relentless, but one of the perks that many people have in our industry is having the option to order lunches and dinners every day at the office.

But is this a perk? Or is it because producers want us chained to our workstations?… Read more...