The Endless Chase For Work-Life Balance

In 2015 I worked as an assistant editor on two seasons of Empire, I assisted on a pilot during my hiatus, and I also got married (after I had planned a 300 person wedding). It was a pretty packed year.Read more...


[Podcast] Ep 53: From Rehab to Ultra Marathon

Wes Plate is one of the co-founders of Automatic Duckthe beloved software that helps post production professionals easily transport their work from one application to another. In the past Wes has worked on software development for Adobe and now works as a freelance editor, one of his recent projects being the opening title sequence for the NBC show ‘About a Boy.’

Wes’ story does not end with his resume, however.… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep 50: ‘Breaking Away’ From the Desk

Jim Read is a a highly sought after graphic designer and creative director. He works long hours and also has three children but somehow manages to fit competitive cycling into his already ridiculous schedule. Four years ago Jim lived the same sedentary lifestyle we all struggle to overcome; he was overweight, had bad eating habits, and incorporated little to no activity into his day.… Read more...


10 Steps To Better Health For The Busy Freelancer

The following is a guest post from Fitness In Post member Brian Klein.

The life of a freelance motion designer and video editor presents special challenges when trying to maintain optimal health. I often spend entire days working with a producer inside a dark edit cave, I’m constantly responding to client demands with barely a minute to stop and grab a bite to eat, or on the contrary I may have nothing but free time on my hands for days at a time.Read more...