The Freelancer’s Guide to Building a “Dynamic Workstation On the Go”

On a normal day I spend a minimum of 12 hours in front of a computer, on a busy day upwards of 16. Maybe it was 4 years of living & breathing Michael Westen while editing Burn Notice that inspired me to figure out a way to hack my surroundings like a super spy, or perhaps it’s just sheer survival instincts given that I’m raising two small kids and trying to make a living in Los Angeles in one of the most competitive industries on the planet.… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep97: Legendary Editor Carol Littleton on Surviving 40+ Years In Post

Academy Award nominated film editor Carol Littleton has edited such legendary films as E.T., The Big Chill, Silverado, The Accidental Tourist, Grand Canyon, Benny & Joon, and The Manchurian Candidate…just to name a very select few. She has watched the Hollywood post-production industry evolve from the days of film editing until today’s reliance on 100% digital technology.… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep89: Q&A – Hacking a Standing Workstation, Dealing with Micromanaging Producers, Calming Your Mind at Night For Better Sleep, and Making Sense of Supplements

In this month’s Q&A podcast we answer a wide range of questions:

What are some good tools to use to hack your standing workstation to avoid bad posture and fatigue?

How can you deal with micromanaging producers & directors who never allow you to take even short bathroom breaks during an edit session?… Read more...