The Freelancer’s Guide to Building a “Dynamic Workstation On the Go”

On a normal day I spend a minimum of 12 hours in front of a computer, on a busy day upwards of 16. Maybe it was 4 years of living & breathing Michael Westen while editing Burn Notice that inspired me to figure out a way to hack my surroundings like a super spy, or perhaps it’s just sheer survival instincts given that I’m raising two small kids and trying to make a living in Los Angeles in one of the most competitive industries on the planet.… Read more...

Spire, The ‘Fitbit For Your Mind’

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from team member Adam Bedford, our brand new Fitness In Post “Tech Reviewer.”

I’m a working editor as well as the host of the Going Postal podcast. I’m based in Los Angeles, and I often work long and crazy hours, but like most people working in post I just wasn’t finding (or making) the time to look after my health (both mental and physical).… Read more...

Why Supplements Are Worth the Investment (And The Ones You Can Trust)

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Prefer to listen instead of read?

Imagine a young, inexperienced editor approaches you with the following question:

“What is the best plug-in package I can buy to become a great editor?”

As someone with perhaps a little more experience in the industry than he/she, your response might be, “What system are you editing with right now?Read more...