[Podcast] Ep72: Taking Back Your Day (And Your Identity)

Training for and successfully running a marathon is an accomplishment few will ever achieve. Running a marathon in under 4 hours? Fewer people still. But training for a marathon, running it in under 4 hours, and ALSO working as an assistant editor on the TV series Empire? Read more...


[Podcast] Ep69: Setting Goals and Taking Action

Setting goals sounds like it should be easy, but if it were, wouldn’t everybody achieve them? In this episode we switch up the show format a little bit, and NLE ninja and master trainer Jeff Greenberg interviews me.

I had ZERO knowledge of Jeff’s questions before he interviewed me for this episode, and we covered a lot of ground.… Read more...


[Podcast] Ep62: Using Yoga to Master Your Edit Suite

When asked what my secret weapon to being a successful editor is, the answer might surprise you: It’s yoga.

As editors we are tasked with the responsibility of not only being good at our craft but also collaborating with producers and directors in a professional, positive and energetic manner, no matter what creative challenges are thrown our way.… Read more...


The Endless Chase For Work-Life Balance

In 2015 I worked as an assistant editor on two seasons of Empire, I assisted on a pilot during my hiatus, and I also got married (after I had planned a 300 person wedding). It was a pretty packed year.Read more...


[Podcast] Ep 55: We Are Not “Below” the Line

“Below the Line” originated as an accounting term to separate fixed costs from variable costs in a films’ budget, but it has since become more of a social status symbol than an accounting term. In this episode I speak with editor Mike J.… Read more...