[Podcast] Ep27: The Sitting Solution

In this episode I interview Chad & Brenda Walding, Doctors of Physical Therapy and the authors of the new book The Sitting Solution, a brilliant resource for anyone (read: everyone) in our industry who is sedentary for more than 6-8 hours per day. We talk about the health problems associated with chronic sitting, and more importantly, we talk about the realistic solutions to fixing years of chronic pain, as well as reversing the negative health effects of being sedentary. And even if you’re already standing, there is still a lot to learn about staying healthy. This is a MUST LISTEN for everyone in our industry.

If you prefer to read the interview, click here to view the transcript.

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 The Sitting Solution

“Don’t Break the Chain” method of habit forming

Lift Page for Daily #FiP30

The Pomodoro Method (via Asian Efficiency)

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