Sitting all day long is killing your creativity.
(The good news…there is now a better way)

12-16 hours a day in a dark room (stuck in a chair) is not the ideal environment to perform at the creative levels you know you are capable of. I get it, I spent over a decade barely surviving as well…until one day I had enough.

Download the five quick strategies I use every day to generate energy, increase my mental stamina, and maintain my laser sharp focus that I developed while editing such hit TV shows as Empire, Underground, and Burn Notice.

Yes, show me how!

Let Me Guess. You’re Here Because…

You work grueling 60-hour weeks killing yourself on a project chained to your desk (in a dark room), you neglect your health, and you repeatedly tell yourself, “I just have to survive until hiatus,” but that hiatus never seems to come.

You wake up every morning thinking “Today is the day I start eating healthier,” but by 4pm all bets are off. Then you tell yourself, “I’ll start….tomorrow.”

Your “dirty little secret” is that you spend most of your day behind closed doors surfing Facebook, constantly checking email, and reading the latest CNN headlines, only to find yourself secretly putting in unpaid overtime on the weekends just to meet your deadline.

I lived this way myself for years.
Now that I’ve cracked the code, I want to share everything I’ve learned with you.

“As creative professionals we often choose between our personal lives or the job. This program answers that dilemma. Zack has put together a set of tools to inspire us to be healthier, more active, and present in our lives. Use the tools. They work!”Alan Bell, Film Editor (The Hunger Games, The Amazing Spider-Man, 500 Days of Summer)

“I have made serious changes in my life thanks to Fitness In Post. The results are astounding. I have more energy. I sleep better. My mood is better. Cravings for sweets are gone. The list goes on. This program is changing lives!”Dody Dorn, Film Editor (Memento, Fury, Kingdom of Heaven)

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